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Nomus WiZ NG

LTE Router & Wireless Access Device
for Banking | IoT | M2M | SCADA | POS Applications

The NOMUS WiZ NG is a Next Generation economical LTE Router & Wireless Access Device for Banking/IoT/M2M/SCADA/PoS applications over the public wireless/cellular network. Powered by a 32 Bit RISC processor with 128MB NAND Flash and 128MB DDR-2 RAM, it is a versatile product for Applications requiring Secure, High Speed, High-Availability Access over the Dial-up Cellular Network.

The Nomus WiZ NG is equipped with Dual SIM slots for high Availability via alternate Service Providers and Dual Antennas for better signal coverage, thereby enabling higher uptime for critical applications. Cellular Connectivity is over LTE/HSDPA/EDGE/GPRS/GSM with a wide variety of available bands.

On the DTE side it can be factory ordered in the following configurations:

  • 4 LAN 10/100 Base-T Ports for Connecting multiple Ethernet DTEs such as ATMs & RTUs.
  • 3 LAN 10/100 Base-T ports for connecting Multiple Ethernet DTEs & 1 Serial Port for connecting to Serial DTEs such as Energy Meters.
  • 3 LAN/1 WAN 10/100 Base-T ports for connecting Multiple Ethernet DTEs & the WAN port for Backup Connectivity.
  • 2 LAN/1 WAN 10/100 Base-T ports for connecting Multiple Ethernet DTEs, the WAN port for Backup Connectivity & 1 Serial Port for connecting to Serial DTEs such as Energy Meters.

The Serial Port can also be used to connect to Serial IEC 101 RTUs with the optional IEC 101/104 Gateway function.

The NOMUS WiZ supports PPP on the Wireless side with Static or Dynamic IP Addresses and PAP/CHAP Authentication. NAT is used to translate between private & public address while Port Mapping allows separation of data & management traffic. Nomus WiZ provides data security and versatility with IPSEC/GRE/ VPN & Firewall. It supports both Static & Dynamic Routing protocols

Fault, Config, Performance & Security management of the Nomus WiZ is through HTTP, SSH, Telnet & SNMP. It can also be configured via SMS from a designated phone number. ICMP ping & trace-route offer network diagnostics. All significant events are logged in an NVRAM. An automatic Health-check to multiple servers allows continuous connectivity monitoring with an option to reboot automatically in case of failure.

The NOMUS WiZ is built for the industrial environment with a compact & rugged Aluminium cabinet. It operates over an extended temperature range & offers a built-in DC-DC converter to operate from a DC power source over an extended range.


  • Supports Serial & Ethernet based devices such as PoS Terminals, RTUs, Data-Loggers & Energy Meters.
  • Dual SIM for two Service providers with Auto Switchover based on Health-check.
  • Optional RX diversity Antenna and various gain antennas.
  • Supports LTE/HSDPA/EDGE/GPRS/GSM Cellular Networks.
  • PPP with Static & Dynamic Address Negotiation & PAP & CHAP Authentication.
  • NAT based Address Translation & Port Mapping for data separation.
  • IPSEC/GRE VPN & Firewall/ACL for data security.
  • Static & Dynamic Routing protocols.
  • WFQ, CBFQ & Strict Priority based QoS.
  • ICMP Ping, Trace Route and Event Logging.
  • Keep-alive & self-heal feature with ICMP ping to multiple Servers.
  • HTTP, SSH, Telnet, SNMP& SMS based management with remote firmware upgrade.
  • LED Indication for Cellular Signal Quality & Connectivity Status.
  • Support for IP compliant cabinets & power options.