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Nomus Access Products consist of various manageable DTUs and convertors with a wide choice of Access Technologies: xDSL, Optical Fibre, E1-Pseudowire, PDH.

Multiple Digital Services such as Serial V.35, E1 or Ethernet can be transported using various Access Technologies.  BTechniques such as Bonding  are employed to enhance Bandwidth & Reliability.
Access Products consist of :
1. G.703/V.35 Transport over SHDSL or Fiber and Interface Convertors- Read More
2. Ethernet Transport over Bonded SHDSL or Bonded E1 – Read More
3. E1 Transport Over Ethernet – TDMoIP – Read More

All Access Products can be managed via suite of management technologies: Console, SNMP, HTTP or Telnet. Configuration can also be done with simple Dip-Switches and status monitored with LEDs.
Front Panel Switches can be used to perform a comprehensive set of Diagnostics.

All Access products are equipped with internal AC/DC Power Supply with an extended voltage range.

All interfaces are surge protected to meet international standards such as ITU K.20/K.21.


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Nomus has a suite of Router Products to meet different functionalities.

The Nomus Gateway e/RB series of IP Routers are an economical method of connecting the LAN of a Small Office/Branch Office over a Serial Network. They support bonded SHDSL , E1 or V.35 on the Serial WAN interface.

The NOMUS WiZ is a Dialup Cellular Wireless Router for use on GSM & CDMA networks to give instant connectivity over the Internet. It is ideal for ATM, SCADA & PoS applications. It also supports  Gateway functionality for SCADA IEC Protocols.

The NOMUS iPort is a high-availability VPN Router based on a high-end PowerPC processor which provides 3 WAN/4 LAN ports for secure access applications. Multiple WAN ports (V.35/Ethernet/SHDSL/LTE) with auto fail-over provide an ideal solution for critical & sensitive applications.

All Router products are manageable with a suite of protocols: HTTP, Telnet, SNMP & via Console with Firmware Upload.

All interfaces are surge protected to meet international standards such as ITU K.20/K.21.


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