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About Us

Nomus Comm-Systems was founded with the motto of bringing the latest in Data Communications Technology to India. Nomus has years of expertise in the design, development, manufacture & support of various Data Communications products. More than 100,000 units are installed in all areas of the country and used by thousands of satisfied customers.

Nomus Comm-Systems believes in providing a high-quality product at an affordable price. The entire team of Nomus is dedicated to this mission for the entire life-cycle of the product: Design, procurement, manufacture, Pre-Sales & Post-sales Support. Nomus also believes in providing viable solutions to a demanding customer. Thus a dedicated & skilled team has been successful in keeping thousands of customers satisfied about the Nomus Products.This is made possible by a Team of motivated & skilled workforce.


Management Team

Jignesh Sanghani

Heads the organisation.
Has decades of experience in the Marketing
of High Technology Products in the US and in India.

Vadali Prasad

Heads the Technology & Development Team.
Has decades of expertise in development of
Data Communications Products in the US & India.

Kirtan Patel

Heads the Operations.
Has decades of expertise in manufacture of Electronics &
Data Communications Products. Quality is his mission

T Ramchander Rao

Heads the Sales & Customer Support Team.
Has decades of experience in sales of High-Technology products.
Providing solutions to the customer is his mission

KVN Chary

Heads the Development Team.
Has more than a decade of expertise in the development of Data Communications
& Control Technology Products. Believes in providing the best features to the products

P Naga Vijay

Heads the Customer Support Team.
Believes in providing the best possible support to the Customer

Bhuvan Trivedi

Heads the Purchase & Vendor Development Team.
Believes in sourcing only the best quality inputs

“Our Products go the extra Mile
Our Support goes the extra Smile”