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Nomus Gateway e RB

Router, Bridge and Converter

Nomus Gateway e RB Router Bridge is a very cost-effective and flexible way to connect your LAN to the Internet, HQ or Branch Offices. It integrates the functions of Bridge/Router with the WAN device. A choice of WAN Interfaces such as xDSL modems, E1 and V.35 Interfaces are supported. It can be ordered as 1 WAN or a 2 WAN device. The 2 WAN device can be used to connect to different remote locations from a central location. It also offers MLPPP for bundling of both WANs for a higher Bandwidth.

The Gateway e RB supports either an Ethernet Bridge mode or an IP Router mode. In the Bridged mode, packet filtering and forwarding is based on the Ethernet MAC address and a Self-Learning algorithm. This allows all Ethernet based protocols to be supported. No sub-netting of LANs need be done. Alternately, the IP-Router allows LANs in different sub-nets to be connected using IP based filtering and forwarding.

Management of the Gateway e RB can be through an Serial console, HTTP or built-in SNMP agent. Diagnostics can be performed using FP Switches & LEDs.

The Gateway e RB is offered in the following flavours for connecting the LAN segments over a variety of networks:

  • Gateway e RB/V.35: Equipped with a Single V.35/RS530 Synchronous serial port to connect to an external xDSL/MLLN modem for a max. of 2.3 Mbps
  • Gateway e RB/E1: Equipped with 1 or 2 G.703/E1 ports for a max. 2 or 4 Mbps (nx64Kbps) to allow connection to the PCM Network directly without the need for any interface converter
  • Gateway e RB/2M: Equipped with 1 or 2 G.SHDSL ports for a max. of 2.3 or 4.6 Mbps (nx64Kbps) for a distance of up to 6 Km (2Mbps on single port) or even further at lower speeds


  • 1 no. 10/100 Base-T Ethernet interface port
  • 1 or 2 WAN Channels for bandwidth bundling with a choice of WAN Modules (G.SHDSL & E1 Interfaces Only)
  • WAN protocol: PPP/MLPPP on HDLC with PAP Authentication and Address Negotiation
  • Protocol independent bridge mode or IP Router mode of Packet filtering and forwarding
  • Bridge Control Protocol (BCP) for LAN Extender and Half-Bridge Operation.
  • Access Control List (ACL) based on IP and MAC address
  • Support for Broadcast and Multicast Forwarding
  • Remote Firmware Upgrade through TFTP
  • Management through FP Switches, Console, HTML SNMP & Telnet. Configuration Storage/Retrieval using Serial Port.
  • Front panel LED indicators for Ethernet & WAN ports status