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Nomus Gateway e/ES & /ESL

Ethernet over Bonded G.SHDSL.bis

Nomus Gateway e /ES and /ESL are very cost-effective and flexible Etherent Access Products. They offer connectivity to MPLS/IP networks over ordinary Twisted Pairs using SHDSL.bis. The Gateway e/ES uses two bonded SHDSL.bis pairs to offer speeds of up to 30Mbps. It automatically operates at reduced rates if one of the wire-pairs is damaged or disabled. Similarly, restoral to higher Bandwidth is automatic when the unused pair is enabled. The /ESL is a low cost product offering 13 Mbps on a single Pair. Both products offer a reach of up to 10 KMs for lower speeds. Connectivity at 4 Mbps is supported over TDM networks when used with Nomus G.703 Modems & the Nomus iMux

The Gateway /ES & /ESL are equipped with four FE ports for versatile LAN access. They provide VLAN & QoS capability for differentiated services. Local management is via a Serial Console. In-Band Management via HTTP, Telnet is supported from local or remote location. SNMP is supported in Gateway /ES only. A bank of LEDs provides comprehensive status indication.

Performance and Reliability are the hallmarks of all Nomus products and these products are no exceptions. The Nomus Gateway e/ES & /ESL are designed to meet stringent operating conditions. The Power Supply can be used with AC or DC power & operates over an extended range. The Line interface is equipped with a protection circuit designed to withstand Power Surges as per ITU K.20/K.21 standards.

Application Diagram 



  • Line Interface: G.SHDSL.bis (G.991.2) Standard with TCPAM coding
  • Proprietary Ext TCPAM support for higher speeds
  • Single-pair(/ES & ESL) or Bonded Two-pairs (/ES) for double rates with automatic fallback & restoral
  • Industry standard GFP/VCAT/LCAS encapsulation
  • /ES supports a max. rate of 30Mbps on Two-pairs & 15Mbps on a Single-pair
  • Support for up to 4Mbps on TDM networks when interfaced with a Nomus iMux
  • Support for Untagged & Tagged packets
  • Jumbo frame support for a max. size of 2048 bytes
  • Port & ID based VLANs with Port Isolation & Mirroring
  • Support for QoS & Rate limit in steps
  • Support for broadcast and multicast storm protection
  • Serial Console for Out-of-band management
  • In-Band management locally or remotely using HTTP/Telnet/SNMP
  • Remote Firmware Upgrade through TFTP
  • Online Performance Monitoring as per ITU-T G.826 with Attenuation, NMR/SNR, CRC Errors, etc.
  • Digital Loop-Backs per SHDSL port
  • Compact Desktop unit with in-built AC & DC Dual Mode Power Supply with extended range
  • Protection against Line Surges as per ITU-T K.20/21 with field replaceable modules
  • /ESL supports a max. of 13Mbps on a Single-pair
  • Maximum reach of 10 KMs at lower Speeds