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Nomus tMux

STM-1 Terminal Multiplexer

The Nomus T-Mux is an STM-1 Terminal Mux CPE. When used opposite an STM Add-Drop Mux, it provides an economical means of transporting 4 E1s & Ethernet Data over SDH networks. When used as a pair, it provides point-point connectivity over a fibre-optic link.

The T-Mux WAN STM-1 interface is provided with a choice of LC or SC connectors. Various fibre modules can be provided by Nomus, based on user requirement. It optionally supports 1+1 MSP protection. Clocking modes supported are: Internal, Recovered from STM or from E1.

The T-Mux provides 4 E1 interfaces operating in unframed & balanced mode, conforming to ITU G.703. The E1 data is mapped to 4 VC12s in a single VC3. The T-Mux also supports 2 FE ports for Ethernet data transported by bonding 2 VC3s for a bandwidth of 96.6 Mbps. Encapsulation & Bonding is based on industry standard GFP/VCAT/LCAS. It provides bridging or transparent mode with support for VLAN frames. It provides VLAN & DSCP based QoS with rate limiting.

The Nomus T-Mux provides a complete management suite on an out-of-band Ethernet Console for HTTP, Telnet & SNMP based management. Front Panel switches provide per channel loopbacks with visual status being provided by LEDs. Power supply is through an internal SMPS which supports both a wide range AC or DC inputs.

Application Diagram 

(1) Connectivity of T-Mux with STM-1 ADM


(2) Point – Point connectivity with T-Mux



  • STM-1 Terminal Mux for CPE operates with an STM-1 Add-Drop Mux for SDH networks
  • Operates with a peer T-Mux for Point-point connectivity
  • Provides optional 1+1 MSP protection
  • Convenient LC or SC Fibre connector with modules for a variety of applications
  • Supports 4 E1 Ports per ITU G.703, Unframed & Balanced modes
  • Supports 2 switched FE ports for a Bandwidth of 96 Mbps transported as 2 bonded VC3s
  • Industry Standard Encapsulation, Bonding, Provisioning Protocols per on ITU GFP/VCAT/LCAS
  • Transparent & bridged mode with STP
  • Supports VLAN & QoS with 2 queues based on DSCP & VLAN priority
  • Supports Ingress & Egress rate limiting
  • Supports out-of-band FE Console port
  • Management via HTTP, Telnet & SNMP
  • Front Panel Switches for Loopbacks
  • LEDs for visual status indication
  • Rugged Metal cabinet with Extended range for both AC & DC Power Source.