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Nomus iPort 4000

Secure High – Availability Branch Office Router

The Nomus iPort 4000 is a Secure Access Router with 4 WAN ports. It offers a choice of last mile access technologies such as SHDSL, E1, V.35 or Fast Ethernet. Bandwidth bundling allows high-speed access with redundancy. It offers redundancy over the WAN Ethernet Port using PPPoE Client and an external Ethernet Modem. LAN access is via a 4 Port Fast Ethernet Switch. The WAN Ethernet port can be used as for DMZ operation.  VPN support is useful for Branch connectivity over a Public Internet Service. The built-in Firewall offers comprehensive security while QoS features allows controlled congestion management.

The iPORT 4000 offers a choice of WAN ports for access via different service providers & technologies. The V.35 port with 8Mbps support can be used for access with ISP

communication equipment. The SHDSL Port allows 15Mbps over a single pair. Two such ports can be bundled for 30Mbps. The E1 & Ethernet ports are useful for locations where the carrier TDM or Ethernet networks are terminated at the Customer Premises.

The iPort 4000 complies with ITU K.20/K.21 specifications for protection against power surges. The iPort 4000 is offered in a rugged metal cabinet for installation in hostile environments.

Application Diagram 



WAN Ports:
Port 0: V.35 for up to 8Mbps
Ports 1, 2: SHDSL, E1 or V.35
Port 3: Fast Ethernet

up to 15Mbps. Reach: 0.8-10KMs, Bundling of 2 SHDSL ports for 30Mbps

Ethernet Ports:
4 Switched FE LAN ports, WAN FE port can be used for DMZ

WAN Protocol:
PPPoE, PPP & MlPPP over HDLC, PAP/CHAP Authentication

IP Routing & Switching:
Static, RIP v1/v2, OSPF v1/v2, BGP4, VLAN Switching

IP Multicasting:

Firewall with NAT, NAPT, ACL & VPN with IPSEC


Management Platforms:
CLI Console, NTP, TFTP, SNMP v1/v2 with interface MIBs, Telnet, HTTP

Rugged Construction:
The iPort 4000 is housed in a rugged metallic cabinet.