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Nomus Gateway e Series

Manageable xDSL DTUs and Converters

The Nomus Gateway e Series consists of various manageable modems and convertors. It is an intelligent new concept where you can mix and match from a selection of interface cards and order a product to match the application, other networking components and the available WAN links. The interface cards available include V.35/RS530/X.21 interface, G.703/E1 interface or the co-directional G.703 interface card. 

G.SHDSL V.35/RS530 E1 G.703 Co-Dir Distance on 0.5mm Twisted Pair
Gateway e 64K/LR · · · 10KMs @ 64Kbps
Gateway e 2M/2W · · · 6KMs @ 2Mbps
Gateway e IFC · · 1.5KMs @ 2Mbps on E1
Gateway e GFP · · · 6KMs @ 2Mbps on DSL

1.5KMs @ 2Mbps on E1


All Gateway e Series products can be managed through the Ethernet port with built-in HTTP & Telnet Agents or the optional SNMP agent. The configuration, monitoring and diagnostics can be performed from either the PC connected to the Ethernet Port or any Standard SNMP management software installed in the network. Besides, simple DIP switches and Loopback switches or optional LCD and configuration switches are provided for easy and fast configuration and diagnostics. A bank of LEDs provides comprehensive status indication.

This 2Mbps SHDSL modem operates to a distance of upto 6.5 Km on a 2-wire 0.5 mm copper cable at 2 Mbps and up to 10.5 Km at lower speeds. It uses TCPAM modulation to automatically negotiate the most optimum speed as per the distance and quality of the cable. It can also operate on a 4-wire circuit to either double the throughput or increase the driving distance. It also supports use of intermediate SHDSL Repeaters to increase the distance. The modem can be equipped with either of 3 digital interfaces: V.35/RS530/X.21, G.703 or co-directional G.703 cards. The G.703 interface is typically used to connect to the PCM circuit at the Exchange and the V.35 interface is used to connect to the user equipment like Routers, etc. A similar pair

would be installed at the remote site, such as the ISP. The 2 modems with G.703 interface would be connected through the PCM channel. If the 2 sites are within the same telephone exchange, then only the V.35 interface modems will be used, eliminating the need for the G.703 modems. The co-dir G.703 card is used for connecting on the 64 Kbps leased lines.

Both V.35 and G.703/E1 interfaces can be provided in the Gateway e for flexibility in installation or optionally to combine the user traffic of both V.35 and E1 over the SHDSL link so as to share the same link for both data & voice. Both interfaces can also be used as a V.35 to G.703 interface converter for use where the user equipment like Router is in the Exchange or within 1 Km distance.

Performance and Reliability are the hallmarks of all Nomus products and these products are no exceptions. They provide high immunity to background noise on DOT lines allowing multiple Data channels on the same physical cable. They have extra protection against power fluctuations by using Switched Mode Power Supply – SMPS and the convenience of a built-in (internal) Dual AC/DC power supply. A field replaceable

multi-stage line protection circuit consisting of Sidactors, GDTs, PTCs and Resettable Telecom Fuses protects the units against telephone line surges while meeting the ITU K.20/21 requirements. It can thus meet the tough demands of the Indian environment and you are assured of reliability, productivity, quality and value.


G.703/704 E1 Interfaces:

  • Compatible with Framed & Unframed E1 signal on G.703 interface.
  • 120 Ohms Balanced (RJ45) or 75 Ohms Unbalanced (BNC)
  • Transmit timing based on External (G.703), Internal or Recovered from xDSL.

V.35 Interface:

  • 34 PIN Connector
  • Support for Internal, External (V.35) or Recovered from xDSL.
  • Front Panel Diagnostic Switches & LEDS with 16×2 LCD Option
  • Convenient Quick Config DIP Switches
  • Management from Serial Console or via HTTP, Telnet or SNMP via Optional Ethernet Port.
  • Performance Monitoring as per ITU-T G.826
  • AC & DC Dual Mode Power Supply (built-in) with Remote Power Feeding Option
  • Protection against Line Surges as per ITU-T K.20/21
  • Rugged Metal Casing in Standalone or Rack Mount